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The time for accountability and innovation is now. How would you currently grade your institution?

Yes   No

     Are you confident in your ability to align your curriculum with actual labor
                market needs?

     Do you feel that your program objectives are current, comprehensive and

     Are you satisfied with the quality of your current methods of measuring,
                monitoring and reporting student course and program mastery?

     Does your institution have a process for ensuring that ALL instructors are
                adhering to prescribed curriculum content and sequence?

     Do you have a standardized method for diagnosing and addressing student
                knowledge gaps BEFORE they move on to the next course?

     Does your institution have an objective, “real time” way of monitoring
                student progress and outcomes across instructors, courses,
                programs and locations?

     Are you continuously collaborating with local employers and industry
                partners to improve the quality of your programs and the job-readiness
                of your graduates?

     Do you feel that your efforts to comply with required levels of
                accountability are sufficiently rigorous, relevant and results-driven?

     Is your institution an innovator in the new era of education or are you
                finding yourself constantly reacting to change?

     If you were among the millions of non-traditional students considering an
                occupationally focused education as a means to securing a high-demand,
                high-skilled, highly-compensated career, would your institution be a top choice?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, your institution, instructors, and students may benefit from DALO.