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Setting the Standard

There is a competitive advantage for institutions employing DALO.
It is the ideal tool to track performance of a school’s programs, instructors and students over time and to measure performance against other institutions.

Wonderlic is once again setting the standard with the introduction of its revolutionary Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes (DALO) platform.
DALO consists of a very large pool of assessment modules that are assembled to cover both the content and sequence of your continuing education courses and programs. This is accomplished by mapping your unique program curriculum to Wonderlic assessment content – a process that results in a custom deployment in as little as one week.

With DALO, all students are assessed in the same manner using a variety of interactive test item types, including practical scenarios, which do not rely on each instructor’s unique ability and creativity.
All student performance is measured in the same way with the invaluable benefit of each student’s results on each learning objective appearing on his or her report.

Most schools do not currently have an easy way to compare performance across students, courses, programs and instructors.
DALO provides comprehensive reporting tools, allowing administrators to set goals and measure against them in meaningful ways across the entire school or to drill into specific areas at a specific campus, by course, or even by classroom.

Establishing benchmarks beyond individual schools can be particularly meaningful.
Because DALO is a standardized tool that can be used by schools and employers nationwide to track performance over time for their own programs and students AND to  measure performance against other institutions.

DALO provides benchmarks for instructors as well as for students.
Many instructors work part time and are fairly independent of their departments. Variability in instructor quality can and does create problems, especially as schools grow. DALO reporting allows administrators to compare test score performance across classrooms.