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DALO uses turnkey assessment solutions that include everything necessary to measure and report post-course learning outcomes. It may be implemented as formative assessments for all courses or select courses only, or as summative assessments at the end of program levels as described below.

  • For all courses in a specific program
    This is our most comprehensive implementation option that measures and monitors student course mastery from the beginning to the end of a career education program.

  • For specific courses only
    Schools may choose to implement end-of-course DALO for specific courses only. This approach is particularly beneficial for students who may or may not have committed to a full program.

  • End of program assessments
    For institutions that prefer to start using DALO at a more summative level, we offer mid- and end-of-program assessments. While these assessments do not provide the same detailed view of course-level mastery, they are very effective at identifying students who can benefit from remediation and/or are at risk of dropping out. End-of-program assessments are also useful for certification test preparation.

Overview of Implementation Steps

  1. Select the program or course you want to test.
  2. Wonderlic maps assessment content to your course curriculum and configures the DALO software to your specifications.
  3. You invite students to complete the assessment at the end of each selected course. Student rosters may be manually entered or automatically uploaded.