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Wonderlic has invested a significant amount of time into developing each and every DALO module. From the very first step, we rely on subject matter experts, curriculum developers, accreditors, the U.S. Department of Labor, and employers to help us create valid assessments and scoring methodologies.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review
Assessment content included in DALO is both wide and deep. For every program, questions must be developed to meet each course and every learning objective taught in those courses. Further, the content must be relevant to the real-world demands of employers. For these reasons, we have developed a large network of SMEs and a comprehensive process to obtain their knowledge and feedback. The value of working with SMEs extends beyond just fact-checking and test validation – they contribute to the creative process by providing real-world examples from their field of expertise.

We focus on developing items that will:

  • Engage test takers
  • Mimic real-life situations
  • Challenge students to apply the skills they learn in class the way they will on the job

A variety of question types are used, including scenarios that present real-life situations with illustrated characters and voices. Other questions require demonstration of specific skills used on the job.


Scoring the Tests
As for scoring the tests, we take employer needs into account via the use of industry and employer SMEs. They review and rate each competency according to its importance in reference to job activities and performance requirements. Competency ratings are used as weights in the scoring of the assessment, giving greater emphasis to the most critical “must have” competencies.