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Competency-based education is a rapidly growing approach to delivering higher education that allows students to earn degrees or other credentials by demonstrating proficiency in subjects or areas of competence, often at their own pace. Most of these program models are offered in credit or clock hours and can be accommodated under the current Title IV, Federal student financial aid regulations as “non-term programs.” Many, however, are not offered in clock hours and rely on “direct assessments” such as DALO to demonstrate student learning to award credit hours.

Institutions applying for Title IV eligibility for competency-based programs:

    • May utilize direct assessment of student learning or recognize direct assessment by others
    • Must demonstrate methodology for determining credit hour/direct assessment equivalency
    • Must reasonably equate direct assessment(s) to credit or clock hours
    • Must demonstrate that its accrediting agency has reviewed and approved its offering of the direct assessment program
    • Must demonstrate that its institutional accrediting agency or state licensing body has agreed with the institution’s assessment of its credit hour equivalence

Competency-based education is currently garnering considerable regulatory attention and consideration. If you are interested in learning more about how Wonderlic and/or DALO can support your competency-based learning program application or initiatives, please contact us.