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The DALO Difference

More comprehensive and relevant
Internally developed tests, such as “quizzes,” “chapter tests” and “final exams” are useful learning tools that have an important place in teaching and student feedback. But, unlike DALO, they are subject to tremendous variance in comprehensiveness, job-relevance and quality.

Reduced work, real-time results
The software platform eliminates the work associated with administering and scoring tests and reporting individual and group test results. Access to individual and group scores is permissioned at the student, instructor, program and institution levels. As a result, instructors have more time to teach, administrators spend less time chasing down student performance data, and leaders have direct access to the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Customizable to your unique needs
Modules can be quickly assembled to cover both the content and sequence of career education courses and programs to accommodate their unique goals and challenges.

Actionable, decision-grade metrics
Allows decision-makers and instructors to monitor, analyze and report on learning outcomes at the appropriate level. As a result, they can pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement, take action, and monitor impact.
Useful student reporting
More than just a grade, DALO provides students a way to monitor and analyze their personal mastery of course and program learning objectives. This allows them to easily understand where they need assistance so they can take action and see significant results. Reports can also be used to demonstrate specific areas and levels of proficiency to potential employers.