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Allied Health Programs

DALO consists of a very large pool of assessment modules that are assembled to cover both the content and sequence of your continuing education courses and programs. Your unique program curriculum is mapped to Wonderlic assessment content, resulting in a custom deployment in as little as one week.

Currently, DALO is available for the following programs in high school CTE, community colleges and private career colleges:

Medical Assistant
Medical assistants, a critical part of an efficient, productive team of healthcare service providers, are trained in both clinical and administrative skills. This program assesses core clinical knowledge (anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, and medical laboratory skills), as well as administrative skills (medical office procedures, law and ethics, insurance procedures, critical thinking, and professionalism).

Medical Billing and Coding
Medical billers and coders play a vital role in all aspects of the revenue cycle of a healthcare business. This comprehensive program assessment gives full attention to all the current and recent coding manuals in the field, including the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, CPS-10, CPT-4, and HCPCS.

Medical Office Assistant
Medical office administrative assistants are the face of a medical practice and are expected to handle a wide variety of critical tasks. The suite of MOA program assessments covers core medical knowledge (anatomy and physiology, medical terminology), vital administrative skills (medical office procedures, accounting, medical insurance and medical coding, medical transcription, electronic health records, law and ethics, and professionalism).

EKG Technician
EKG Techs are a vital part of a medical team. They conduct tests on the pulmonary or cardiovascular systems of patients for diagnostic purposes, record results, and analyze diagnostics to aid physicians in the care and treatment of patients.

Licensed Practical Nurse
Nursing is one of the most in-demand occupations in the United States. This program prepares students for their licensing exam, and covers core medical knowledge, patient care, law and ethics, clinical procedures, maternity, and more.

Nursing Assistant
Nursing assistant is a “bright outlook” career per the U.S. Department of Labor, with a faster than average growth projection. DALO for Nursing Assistants covers basic fundamentals including patient care and core medical knowledge.

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionists ensure that doctor’s reports, charts, and diagnostics are understandable and correctly documented in the patient record. This program covers core transcription knowledge, insurance and coding fundamentals, basic medical knowledge, law and ethics, and professional skills.

Patient Care Technician/Orderly
Orderlies are responsible for the safe transport of patients through a medical facility.

Drawing blood for tests, setting up transfusions, and ensuring patient comfort are some of the tasks Phlebotomists perform on a daily basis. This program covers basic medical knowledge (anatomy, physiology and terminology), blood collection, emergency CPR, and legal issues as they pertain to the career.

Surgical Technician
Surgical Technician A critical part of a surgical team, the Surgical Tech is responsible for assisting in operations. They are part of the team that sets up the operating room, preps patients, ensures the surgeon has the right tools, and adjusts equipment as needed. This program covers surgical techniques and procedures and core medical knowledge (microbiology, pharmacology, and anesthesia).

Note: Wonderlic is adding new programs on a regular basis. We invite you to contact us for an updated list of available programs.